This morning I toured the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum in Athens. For my trip I had planned to shoot 35mm Ilford FP4+ and Kodak Tri-X, and so had taken along my Canon Elan 7 with my Canon 24-105L IS zoom, with my old Canon Rebel and a Canon 50mm for backup. However, the website […]

Bruce Barnbaum – The Art of Photography

On a recommendation from Jim Blomfield I recently purchased a copy of Bruce Barnbaum‘s book, The Art of Photography, first published in 2010 and now – already – in its fourth printing. Jim was right; this is a great book, certainly ranking in the top five in my library. I purchased the book mostly because […]


Canon Elan 7 with Sigma 24-70mm, with yellow #8 filter, using Kodak TMY 400 film developed with Ilford 2000. Exposure unknown. Printed on Ilford FB Warmtone glossy developed with Ilford Multigrade developer. Toned with Kodak Selenium toner 1:9 for 3 minutes. Famous French photographer Robert Doisneau, whose 2011 wall calendar graces my office, is often […]

Notre Dame – Paris

This past September I attended a Dagstuhl workshop on Robust Query Processing, and chose to fly in and out of Paris rather than Frankfurt. On the weekends bookending the workshop I stayed at the Select Hotel in St. Germain, across the street from the famous Sorbonne. Luckily, the University was open to the public that […]

More Sybase marketing portraits

This past Monday I shot some additional portraits at the office. This time I utilized four different backgrounds: the glass-block wall and the black marble tile on the main floor, along with plain black and plain white backdrops. Each brought their own challenges in terms of lighting, and that’s what I’ll concentrate on here, featuring […]