My neighbour, Marg, has an absolutely wonderful garden in her back yard that she tends with the utmost dedication. One of her favorite plants are hostas, and she has a considerable variety: light green, dark green, blue-green, yellow-green, variegated, plain, you name it.

Hostas make an interesting abstract pattern. I experimented with some images in my own backyard recently, simply using my iPad and post-processing the images using Google Snapseed, which my son Ryan suggested. A quick transfer to my laptop via Dropbox, and then to the website, and voila – here they are.

I must confess that I am really happy with these images, though my preference would be to use either 120 or 4×5 Ilford FP4 and tone the results on warmtone paper. Perhaps a film project for a later date this summer, but before the hostas start to flower.

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