Ansel Adams exhibition at McMichael Gallery

The McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg, ON, just north of Toronto, home of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, is offering an exhibition of photographs by legendary photographer Ansel Adams and acclaimed Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky from June 29 to September 29, 2013.

In a career that spanned more than five decades Ansel Adams became one of America’s most beloved landscape photographers and one of its more respected environmentalists. There are few artists whose name and works represent the extraordinary level of popular recognition and artistic achievement as that of Ansel Adams. Writers, critics and fellow artists have presented many reasons for Adams’ popularity. Among them is his deeply held conviction that place matters and that the world around us is a marvel to behold and to respect and honor. There is a poignant and romantic feel to his photographs, as well as a celebration of the beauty of nature.

The 47 photographs by Ansel Adams that will be on exhibit include Monolith – The Face of Half Dome; Aspens, Northern New Mexico; and Frozen Lake and Cliffs, and other famous photographs.

Thanks to my friend Chris Kleisath at SAP for sending this my way.

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